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Download SuperSU and Root with Custom Recovery

If you are not a basic level Android user, but love to explore Android to its full glory, then you might be surely familiar with the term ‘Rooting’. Let me describe ‘Rooting’ in simple words. Initially, Android smartphones were not powerful, and they didn’t offer customization of the operating system, and the hardware of the smartphones was not powerful enough. That time, the ‘Rooting’ was the answer to customize smartphone as per user preference. With time passed, there were many apps, which helped users to get rid of the horrible stock firmware, and offered a bunch of customization options beyond the limitations set by the manufacturer.

Rooting the devices enabled users to remove bloatware installed in the smartphone, Overclock and even underclock the processor, backing up the system and applications including their data, flashing Xposed framework, and many more things. The SuperSU acts as bridge between apps and the operating system. Using SuperSU, users can grant or deny root access to all of the apps installed on the Android device. Here were have provided all of the SuperSU files in both apk and recovery zip format. You can download anyone, and then flash it on your device to get Superuser administration permission on your device.

What is SuperSU

SuperSU is indeed the most powerful and most wanted tool for root apps. The SuperSU manages the advanced Superuser access for all of the apps installed on the device, which needs root access for their functionality. SuperSU tool has a great influence on the Android users and developers, and comes without advertisements, and offers compatibility with a wide range of devices. SuperSU is being developed by Chainfire and Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC, the U.S., which is well known to build green mobile Internet security.

If you are wondering on how to root your Android device using Custom Recovery like TWRP, Philz Recovery, or OrangeFox Recovery, and if the device is old, then the Clockworkmod, you are reading the right article. This is the in-depth guide, in which we have taken the TWRP Recovery as an example to root the device, and flash SuperSU. This procedure requires that you firstly download the SuperSU Zip file from the link provided below. But, but before doing that, you must ensure that your device is already installed with TWRP or any other custom recovery like TWRP.

To find out that whether your device has a Custom Recovery, confirm the same by booting the device into recovery. To boot the device into recovery, press and hold Volume Down+Power buttons simultaneously, until the OEM/ Manufacturer logo appears on the screen. If your device successfully boots in the custom recovery, then that’s ok, otherwise, you must flash the custom Recovery first on your device.

Download SuperSU v2.82 APK/ SuperSU v2.82 Zip [Flashable Zip File]

Download SuperSU [All versions] [Official Download Links]

Procedure to Flash/ Install SuperSU with TWRP Recovery

Make sure that you have downloaded SuperSU.

Step 1: Transfer the downloaded SuperSU  Zip file to the internal storage / SD card of your smartphone.

Step 2: Now, while the device is turned off, just boot into the recovery by pressing the Volume Down + Power synchronously. In some devices, you may have to press the Volume UP + Power button/ key combinations.

Once device boots into the TWRP Recovery interface, you can optionally backup the Stock ROM. Though, I would recommend to backup the Stock ROM. Because if in case process gets failed, you can flash the Stock ROM.

Install TWRP 3;0

Step 3: Tap on Install, and then navigate to the file ‘‘ and swipe to confirm flash (located at the bottom of the screen). The flashing process of SuperSU has been started and will take a few seconds to complete.

Congratulations, now you have rooted your smartphone and got super administrator privileges using SuperSU. If you wish to verify, you may download and check the Root Status through the Root Checker app.

How to Uninstall SuperSU?

Though there is a rare case that someone would want to uninstall SuperSU, sometimes it is necessary. Below we have mentioned a simple method to uninstall SuperSU.

Step 1: Navigate to the app drawer and open the ‘SuperSU’ app.

Step 2: Then, navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab.

Step 3: Now, scroll down a bit and then tap on the option ‘Cleanup’.

Step 4: You will see the option ‘Full Unroot’, tap on it, and this would uninstall SuperSU from your device.

Step 5: There will be prompt to confirm the uninstallation of SuperSU, confirm the same by tapping on the option ‘Continue’.

Step 6: Now, just reboot your phone, and upon reboot, you will notice that SuperSU has been uninstalled successfully and the device has been unrooted.

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