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AndroidWeblog.com is a All about Android website, Launched on May 17, 2017. This site is a independent voice that covers Android News, How Tos, Rooting, Firmware Updates, Device Launches, Reviews, Solutions and lot more.

Perhaps AndroidWeblog.com is relatively new, and was established on May 17, 2017. At present, the website aims to be one of the best places to get reliable and concise information on latest Android technologies, computers, cell phones and gadgets in general.


AndroidWeblog.com aims at providing its readers the latest Android news and unbiased reviews, thus helping them make more informed and better decisions. Conceived, designed and run by a team of seasoned experts, this website has endeared itself to Android users, Experts, Mobile, Telecom and IT professionals and end users alike by providing them quality news and views on Android related topics.

Besides that, AndroidWeblog.com also provides Tips & Tricks and Tutorials on Rooting, Firmware updates of Android Mobiles and Tablets.


The TheAndroidOS.com Team at present consists of almost 10 people who work diligently round the clock in their endeavor to provide the latest and best Android information to its readers.

To choose or hire the writers for AndroidWeblog.com, the company follows a strict Interview and Test Process. Only the best writers and techies get a chance to work with us.


We welcome your feedback. If you like our work, or want to suggest any improvement to make AndroidWeblog.com better, please feel free to reach us.

While we would want to reply to all of you and take note of all the suggestions, we hope you will appreciate that it is not humanly possible for us here to reply to each of the queries, comments and suggestions we get daily.

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If you want to contact us regarding any error correction, query, complaints, comments, suggestion, Email Us at: info @ www.androidweblog.com or Contact Us using the Contact form.

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