The Most Popular Games to Install on Your Phone

We might not be kids anymore but who doesn’t like a quick game to pass time, entertain oneself, and have some fun with friends through online challenges, or just plain have a good time playing a game on the smartphone? These days mobile phones are helping capture the world around us, succeed in business, attend online classes, stream our favorite show – but let us not forget that it still offers world-class entertainment! We have compiled a list of the ever so classic games that are not only fun but can be super addictive.

Do you know that a recent survey suggests that men who have games on their phones are most likely to be caring husbands and women who have games on their phones are deemed as fun companions? So yes, adults too can have the time of their lives tapping their screens! All you need to dive in for hours of unlimited adrenaline is a good and stable internet connection so that your games can download quickly and the games that require an internet connection can load without any disruptions. If you are looking for high-speed internet service, we highly recommend Spectrum Internet due to its consistent speeds and top-notch customer support, which ensures that your network is functional at all times with minimum latency. With that said, let us discuss the most popular games that you should install on your smartphone.

1. Subway Surfer

This 3D animated game has simple rules and is equally addictive for both children and adults. The purpose of the game is to help the running surfer stay on track, collect coins, and not hurt himself, which results in the game’s end. The game gained fame across the world for being easy to play and for requiring no additional thinking. Subway Surfer is a great way to distract oneself and ease the mind after a long day.

Our rating: 8.5/10

2. Temple Run

Similar to Subway Surfer, the game aims to make you run in a temple away from monkeys chasing you and with every mistake that you make, the chimps get closer. This game has better graphics, keeps you at the edge of your seat, and has super cool powers that you can collect and use throughout the game. The coins collected help you upgrade your powers. The game is so popular that it has a second version called Temple Run 2 with different visuals, the same gameplay but more fun. In real life, we cannot run from our problems but on the phone, at least we can!

Our rating: 9/10

3. Angry Birds

This world-famous game has broken records for being the most downloaded game ever. It has its merchandise and even a movie series that is everyone’s favorite watch. From the design, the visuals, the gameplay to the overall experience of playing the game, Angry Birds is truly a remarkable app to have on your phone. The levels get challenging as the story progresses but that accounts for so much more fun!

Our rating: 10/10

4. Cut The Rope

This game is our personal favorite. It follows the tale of a little alien who you need to feed candy by carefully thinking and cutting the right ropes so that the candy lands into the adorable creature’s mouth. The game requires intense decision making which polishes one’s cognitive skills and at the same time overcoming the obstacles in the game serves as a sense of validation and achievement. Cut The Rope also has a lite version, which means that you can download it for free before upgrading to the actual app with all the levels. Moreover, this fan-favorite game has a festive version as well. Looks like we are all set for the weekend!

Our rating: 10/10

5. Double-A (AA)

Just some lines and moving circles. How hard could it be? Think again! AA is a quick decision-making game with simple graphics that makes the individual stare at the screen for hours. The levels get tougher and the challenge gets better and better. All one needs to do is to join the line to the moving circle but it is not as easy as it seems!

Our rating: 10/10

6. Action Potato

This is one of those many games that one plays without any reason. One has to catch white potato balls and well, not catch some blue-colored potato balls to keep the game going. Catching the wrong balls makes you lose a can you are catching the balls in and with a pink heart that sometimes appears, you can get the can back. The game allows you to compare scores online and defeat people from all over the world.

Our rating: 8/10

7.   Monopoly

On Saturday nights when the family got together, we all recall playing board games for entertainment and Monopoly has been the preferred choice for parents and children alike. From learning how to manage money to investing in properties, the game gives an outstanding experience. It also brings friends and family together. Now, the perfect Saturday nights can be spent in bed still connected with your loved ones through taps on your phone. The original Monopoly is now available to be purchased through the Apple Store and Play Store!

Our rating: 9/10

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