10 Best Talking Tom Cat Game Similar Alternatives

Talking Tom Cat is an outstanding, award winning and funny application, widely popular on Android devices and iPhone. Tom is like a pet cat in your house. It gives a repetition to your voice input in a funny way and responds to your touch. You can grab his tail, pet him and poke him.

You can make your own videos of Tom Cat and can send them to emails, and can share them on YouTube, Facebook. Here in this article we’ll talk about the alternatives of Tom Cat, because as we know some of us are too much curious and excited in more fun. So to get more fun, you need some latest, more funnier and advanced applications which will make a good laugh and more fun around you. So here we are presenting some of similar apps like Talking Tom Cat.

Alternatives to Talking Tom Cat 


It is an advance and latest applications of android comprise of some advance features which are new in the system and you haven’t used them in the previous version of Tom Cat. This application contains better graphics and funnier tone of Tom cat. A new character Ben Dog is introduced in the application for giving the users more laughter and fun. You can play with your funny cat and weird dog. Another main function of this application is that you can start conversations between your two cats if you have an older version of Tom Cat.


Another application of android in which your funny cat is replaced by dog. In this the repetition of your voice in the heavier tone. So this heavier tone creates some extra fun and laughter to the users, also you can take your dog to the experimental room where you can perform experiments. So it is called “Scientist Ben”.


If you want something more than a talking animal then it is best suitable application for your usage. As the name suggests, the animal is “Giraffe”. He creates fun by simply repeating your words. The additional feature of this application is “Clapping Rhythmic game”. This game is for those users who want more than just talking and it is worth to your time and as well as for money.


This is a fantastic application of android that gives you an awesome composite pair of two funny creatures, Tom cat and Ben Dog. They gives you news updated in a funny sense, the design and graphics of this game create the environment of funny news room and which is a good fun and a great laugh to the users.


This game is best for spending your free time and suitable from children to your elders. In this application Santa is funny one and is a repeating body. The usage of the graphics is so perfect that it creates the scene of Christmas. You can send free Christmas cards. This game can be downloaded from the Google play, free of cost. Free version includes some ads, but if you want to remove them then you have to pay.


You can say that taking Ginger is the Tom’ son, arrives as famous as his father. He repeats everything with his cute and funny kitten voice and reacts when you tickle him, poke him and pet him. Here little Ginger is ready for bed, he needs to shower, dry, brush his teeth and go to potty. When you are getting ready Ginger, you have to unlock his 60 mysterious dreams. You can record the videos of Ginger and can Whatsapp your friends, email, or can share on Facebook and You Tube.


Female version of talking Tom cat. Her name is Angela. You can join her in Paris, “The city of Love and Style”. You can smile at her, can show your tongue. Treat her like a princess, because let’s face it, She is a princess. Chat with her, buy her presents and choose her wardrobe. She is not alone in the city though, you may see a familiar face pop up here and there but in a completely different role.


This is an interesting application of android, as here you can enjoy three characters, Talking Tom, Angela and Ginger. Here Talking Tom climbs all the way to top for a glimpse of Angela. He tries to Wow Angela by repeating your words, by singing and by giving her gifts, but as we know there is an third character named Ginger has an interesting role too, he always mess the things up ,set up poor Tom.


Talking dude is new and awesome character. He is an easy going guy and of its own kind. He is too calm and didnt bother about anything. But if you poked his eye, then he’ll protest. Anything you’ll say, he would like to repeat it with his calm and laid-back voice. He can sing, but if you start first. You can make him laugh, can bounce him to moon.


This game especially designed to make happy your loved ones. You can send them beautifully designed postcards. As the name of the game suggest , there are two characters, Tom and Angela , here Tom fall in love with Angela, so he tries to impress her, hug her, kiss her. These all actions are perfectly scene in the animations. There are 19 beautifully designed romantic postcards, which you can send to your loved ones.

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