How to Root ZTE Warp 7 N9519 Smartphone (PermRoot)

ZTE Warp 7 smartphone owners can now rejoice, as if they want to root the device, then they can do the same using this tutorial. XDA Member madvane 20 has posted a method, using which you can root your device.

ZTE Warp 7 was launched in August 2016. It is a 5.5-inch device with HD 720 x 1280 pixels resolution, and running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, coupled with 2GB RAM, and Quad-core 1.2GHz CPU. It has a 13MP primary camera and 5MP secondary camera.

If you want to unleash the full potential of the hardware of your ZTE Warp 7, then rooting and flashing custom recovery like TWRP is the main concern. The Stock ROMs have often limited and unsupported features in the sense of Customization. When you have a rooted device and also flashed TWRP recovery, then you are free to install any Custom ROMs, Mods, Kernel, and Xposed etc., as well as many apps which requires root access to work properly. You can easily root the device with One Click Android Root Tool, with either via PC or through the APK, which is a quick process.


Ensure to check your model number, which must be:

  • ZTE Warp 7 N9519

You must have to ensure that prior to rooting your phone , you have read thoroughly the disclaimer and you agree to proceed further on your risk.

  • Phone Should be Charged

Your phone must be 70% charged atleast else, it may lead to complications sometimes while experimenting. Why to take risk, try to charge it fully.

  • Back Up

If you are either going to root your phone or install a Custom ROM, it is a good habit to make a back up of your phone. Make a back up of all your media like images, videos and all on your PC and your contacts on Cloud.

  • Enable USB Debugging

You must enable USB debugging option by going in to Settings, Applications and Developer options.

Downloads For Rooting ZTE Warp 7

Download from here.

Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot with root script zip file here.


Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot zip file here.

Procedure to Root ZTE Warp 7 Smartphone

Method 1 (Optional for Advanced Users)

Steps: If you are friendly with using batch script, then you can download file. After downloading,  You can go to ADB, and then extract the batch script, and navigate to the folder and then double click the file root.bat. This would root the device.

Method 2 (Detailed Manual Steps)

Step 1: Assuming you have downloaded KingRoot, Make sure that you have downloaded Android version, not Windows version of the KingRoot.

Step 2: Then extract the downloaded file Navigate to the folder, press and hold down the shift key, then right click on the folder, and click ‘Open Command prompt here’.

Open Command Prompt here

Step 3: Type



Step 4: Then type the command

This should display the output as “ZTE_BEAM”

5. Now, just type the command in ADB Shell

setprop persist.sys.k ZTE_BEAM

6. Then, run this command

 getprop persist.sys.k
output should be “ZTE_BEAM”
7. Now, carefully type this command

 cd /dev/block/platform/soc.0/7824900.sdhci/by-name/”

For safeguarding, it’s always recommended to backup the recovery.
8. Run this command

 dd if=recovery of=/sdcard/recovery.img
Now, next command write boot to recovery.
9. Type this command

 dd if=boot of=recovery
10. Then, simply type this inside of adb shell

reboot recovery

After the above process, if in case you get a black screen, then just hold down the power down button to reboot the device.

Step 11: After device gets reboot, then just type this

adb shell

Step 12. Then, type

13. Now, type


This should display output as below:

uid=0(root) gid=0(root) context=u:r:shell:s0
Now, we need to set ‘permissive by running the commands.
Step 14. Type

setenforce 0
15. Then, type

This should display output “Permissive”

16. Now, we need to test whether mount system is rw, while still in root, just type

mount -o remount,rw /system
If it if it mounts, then there are no errors and system is writeable.

Step 17. Now, simply reboot the device.

Step 18: If in case system is not writable or you can write to system, then run this command adb shell/ terminal

reboot disemmcwp
Step 19: Now, to re-enable write protection run this command on terminal:

reboot emmcwpenab

Developer mentioned that he is working on replacing KingRoot with SuperSU, and till then one can get ‘Perm root’ with ‘KingRoot’.

Congratulations, now you have rooted ZTE Warp 7. Now, you can install Xposed Framework, and customize your smartphone as per your preference. If you wish to verify, you may download and check the Root Status through Root Checker app.



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  1. This doesn’t work. It basically requires you to have a rooted device to root your device. The su command does not work unless the device is already rooted. Vicious circle. Waste of time.

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